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Pink Flamingos Are In

We love looking at design and decor websites to see what’s trending, and tropical items have been hot all summer—popping up all over at places like Pier 1World Market, and Target. Pineapples, sea horses, palm trees, starfish, and parrots galore.

We were particularly intrigued when we ran across this Houzz piece about pink flamingos. We’ve always thought they had a certain kitsch factor, but apparently they’re now considered high design.

Lo and behold, in one of the photos we see the very same Audubon print of the American Flamingo we have hanging in our booth at Sweeten Creek Antiques!

And did we mention that everything in our booth is 20% off through September 17, 2017? Better go pick it up before some other lucky trendspotter beats you to the punch!