Is That Old Typewriter Worth Anything?

UnderwoodCrimson Clover Vintage owes a lot of its reason for existence to vintage typewriters. As a writer and editor with degrees in Communications and Creative Nonfiction, Tim has a fascination for old typewriters and began collecting them a few years ago. Once the collection reached about 20, it was clear there was no room for more. So that, along with some other overflowing collections, became the foundation for the shop.

RemingtonRandMost typewriters from common manufacturers such as Corona (also Smith and then later Smith Corona), Remington (also Remington Rand), Royal, Underwood, etc. aren’t worth a ton of money. Few of those are worth more than $150. The main reason is that typewriters were ubiquitous for about 100 years so a lot of them—especially from the major manufacturers—have survived. A few early models, particularly by manufacturers that may have not been in business for long, can sell in the thousands of dollars. Typewriters owned by famous people can go for hundreds of thousands. But in general, if you want to start a collection of some “type” or if you’re looking for a unique gift for a writer friend, vintage typewriters typically won’t break the bank.