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Pink Flamingos Are In

We love looking at design and decor websites to see what’s trending, and tropical items have been hot all summer—popping up all over at places like Pier 1, World Market, and Target. Pineapples, sea horses, palm trees, starfish, and parrots galore. We were particularly intrigued when we ran across this Houzz piece about pink flamingos. We’ve always thought… Continue reading Pink Flamingos Are In


Shake It Up

I used to wonder why anyone would need more than one set of salt and pepper shakers until I began to notice the amazing variety! They’re fascinating when you consider the range of materials (from cast iron to wood) and shapes (from dog and hydrant pairs to anthropomorphic vegetables). I can see now why some folks just can’t get enough. And did you… Continue reading Shake It Up


Radio Gaga

We’ll talk about radios in future blogs, too, but this entry will concentrate on those with wooden bodies. When it comes to style, wooden radios certainly fall into that “they don’t make ‘em like they used to” category. Wooden radios, especially of the Art Deco period, were beautiful and elegant objects whether they were table radios… Continue reading Radio Gaga


Is That Old Typewriter Worth Anything?

Crimson Clover Vintage owes a lot of its reason for existence to vintage typewriters. As a writer and editor with degrees in Communications and Creative Nonfiction, Tim has a fascination for old typewriters and began collecting them a few years ago. Once the collection reached about 20, it was clear there was no room for… Continue reading Is That Old Typewriter Worth Anything?